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Internship Application 
Internship Application
This is the application for Internships. Please read all requirements and instructions and return the application packet to us. Click here for instructions.
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Internship Program Overview
Internships at Roanoke Wildlife Rescue Center are an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the professional fields of wild animal care and environmental education. 

This program is designed for any qualified applicant age 18 or older and is typically utilized by college students, recent high school graduates, or anyone looking to gain experience. These Interships are unpaid; however, the hands-on experience applicants will receive is invaluable and will prove to be a great resource for future related paid occupations.

We accept interns throughout the year. It should be noted that our busiest seasons are Spring and Summer with wildlife baby season beginning in March. Our goal is to provide as much real-life experience with wildlife as possible.

Those applicants who wish to gain the most experience in wildlife management should apply for the Spring and Summer internships. These internships last 8 weeks and begin in March. These positions are not restricted to 8 hour days but rather to the tasks and animal care demands of the job. Interns are utilized in all daily activities.

This position is designed toward those interested in the actual rehabilitation process and gaining experience in wildlife care and education. Applicants will learn how to care for a large variety of native Virginia wildlife (multiple species simultaneously during “baby” season) and learn all aspects of appropriate care for injured, orphaned or displaced creatures requiring intervention.

We do not have a full time Veterinarian on staff during the week. We have several Veterinarians who make themselves available to us for consultations, treatments, and procedures. If you are seeking a more Veterinary defined program, you will need to look elsewhere.

Duties will include (but are not limited to)  
  • Daily maintenance and husbandry of both rehabilitating and permanent animals housed at our facility
  • Diet preparation
  • Feeding and fostering orphaned wildlife
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Admitting new patients
  • Computer Input of animal intakes
  • Telephone communications for the general public, animal control agencies, conservation officers, police, or any one needing help or information
  • Administering medications & doing physical therapy
  • Applying bandages and splints
  • And any other duties assigned

This position is best suited for those who have had some medical training prior to their acceptance into our program. All applicants will participate in developing daily enrichment activities for the non-releaseable wildlife that is utilized for educational purposes. This is another way to gain valuable experience with animals who have adapted to living in captivity.

You will learn to identify the signals that wild animals display to send non-verbal messages. You will work with wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers who have attained a high level of skills through daily activity with multiple species. This is not a text book approach - this is an up front and personal experience that you will never forget.

Your participation in our program will have a positive impact on your current resume’ with experience that can only enhance your knowledge and animal care skills.

We are not taking applications at this time. Please check back for updates.


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must provide proof of health insurance. (Insurance is for both your safety and ours. If you are not insured, we are unable to consider you for our internship.)
  • You must provide proof of being pre-vaccinated for Rabies. You may apply without being vaccinated, but will need the vaccination series before your start date. A large number of the animals we handle are rabies vector species, and your experience will be enhanced if you are able to work with these animals.)
  • You must provide proof of being pre-vaccinated for Tetanus. (You may apply without being vaccinated, but will need to be vaccinated before your start date.)

Paperwork for Application Process

Please submit the following items in a single packet. The packet may be submitted by mail or e-mail.

  •  Application;
  •  A copy of your current resume;
  • Two letters of recommendation written by current professors, former professors/teachers, and former/current employers.

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