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Our Goals in Education

  • to present factual information about native Virginia species;
  • to acquaint the general public with the importance of living in harmony with native wildlife populations;
  • to inform communities about species specific illnesses and the steps that taken to protect the local species that could be affected;
  • to assist educators in achieving their SOL goals through the use of non-releasable wild animals in classroom settings where the students can observe each animal while developing a better understanding of its environmental impact in our lives;
  • to share a sincere appreciation for animals with those who may operate under misconceptions of the important role wildlife plays in our daily lives;
  • to share our experience and knowledge with everyone who has a sincere desire to learn more about animals in our environment.

Outreach Programs

Roanoke Wildlife Rescue is dedicated to helping orphaned and injured animals return to the wild. Community education is important in helping our wildlife. We offer Outreach Programs to provide experience and information that helps foster awareness and understanding of Virginia wildlife. Outreach programs give the audience an opportunity to get up close with different animals brought to you by trained animal handlers. RWR will bring non-releasable wildlife to your school or group event. This is an extraordinary opportunity to see animals from Virginia in a safe and managed environment and learn  interesting facts about how they benefit the environment, the dangers that they face, and what we can do to protect them. Outreach Programs can be designed to educate any age group, time frame, or subject.

Click here for additional information about Outreach Programs.

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